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InQuicker – Reinventing the patient experience

Core Patient Facing Application – Provider search

Earlier version of the Analytics app inside the customer console

Prototyping interactions while you browse providers


  • Mobile – Dynamic header size adjust and change on scroll
    Iterating on the interaction when a user scrolls the profile page content and how it affects the header.
    (links to video)
  • Mobile – Animated gps directions
    Working on the small details; animating the gps route from you to the location when you arrive on the page.
    (links to video)
  • Mobile – Provider Search, full map, filters page
    This prototype focuses on the parallax nature of the map when you scroll the main provider listing, the transition of entering full screen map mode, selecting a provider pin (1) and displaying the provider card, exiting full screen map mode and going back to the lists, and accessing the filters page from both views.
    (Framer prototype – use Safari for best results)
  • Mobile – Provider Search
    Testing and iterating on a new filter bar, one where you can remove the filter without having to go to the filter page.
    (Framer prototype – use Safari for best results)

InVision – Design Better. Faster. Together.

Inspect Mode

This is one of the larger projects I worked on while I was at InVision. This new feature allowed the designer to hand-off their design to a developer and allow her to access everything she would need to start development (assets, dimensions, colors, CSS, etc).

Early version of InVision’s Inspect mode

InVision design task

This was the design task I did for InVision during my interview process:
Interview design task


Being the sole designer at Sprintly (08/12 – 12/14), I had my hands on everything. All you see on the site and (more importantly) in the app was designed by yours truly. Here is one of the non-app specific things I designed there, the homepage: Sprintly homepage design


Little peek into the AppFog (2012) console styleguide

Old design exercises and extras

2011 – Google interview design exercise
2011 – Design exercise for fun