A Look Back

With the recent overhaul of my portfolio I thought it would be fun to take a look back at all my past portfolios – and have a little laugh. Click the images to have a look at the archived versions.


This one was made with ImageReady/Photoshop as part of my Photoshop 1 class my sophomore year of college. It was mainly a final project to show off what was made that semester. BRUSHED METAL!


This was the portfolio made my senior year of college. It was the one I took into the ‘real’ world and got my first job – if you can believe that. Unreal Tournament level designs!


This one was made after the whole CSS/HTML thing finally made sense to me. No more tables! I also had some new work to show off after being on the job for almost two years. Also some fun jQuery in there.


Went really simple and elegant on this one. I felt it did a good job showcasing the work, but it really lacked the descriptive content needed to get a solid understanding of what you were actually viewing.

Current – 2011

The latest and greatest. I wanted to give a more detailed account of what I do and how I do it. Along with the redesign was the launch of this blog – its about time I had one anyways.